Strategize Packages

Starting at $97

The first step is to get your business compliant. We need to dig through the digital cracks and find exactly where you need to improve. Each business has different needs, so we’ll custom tailor a package that best fits the needs of your business. Please contact us with any questions, and we’d be more than happy to do a free audit for you.

Some of the things we look for are website vulnerability, performance/load speed, mobile-friendliness, functionality, open ports, and outdated software versions.

Implementation Packages

Starting at $1,000

Think of your website as a digital storefront. It allows your customer base to expand beyond locals and referrals. A digital presence will help you to grow rapidly. However, perception is key. Have you ever used an online banking app that was really incongruent with it’s brand? I know I have, and I ended up closing down the account. I thought to myself, “if they can’t allocate some of their budget towards being mobile-friendly, why would I trust their ability to manage my funds digitally?”

Growth Packages

Starting at $3,500 monthly

Our team of experts works to ensure your business is digitally compliant, and Google-friendly. It is important that you’re not wasting valuable time or energy committing violations. Rapid growth can be more appealing than following regulations however, they are equally important. Unregulated growth inevitably ends in fines and lawsuits. Non-compliance can ruin your reputation and set you back years. Our goal is to educate and prevent businesses from committing basic violations first. Then we’d love to help you take actions that promote expansion.

Accountability is key.

Whether you’re informed or not, you’re going to be held liable for any violations.

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As a courtesy, we’ll perform a free confidential audit.